Although My Spouse Claims He Wants Our Marriage, He Admits He Still Has Feelings For His Affair

“When I found out about my husband’s affair, I immediately told him that if he were to have any chance with me, he would need to agree to counseling. He did. He has been trying, but neither of us is very happy. The other day at counseling, I admitted to the counselor that I’m afraid that my husband still has strong feelings for the affair partner. The counselor directly asked my husband if this was true. My husband got flustered and swore that there had been no contact between them. The counselor told him that this is not what she asked him. She repeated her question as to whether he still had strong feelings for the other woman. Finally he sighed and said that you can’t just turn your feelings off and that yes, he guessed he still had feelings, but that he had no intention of acting on them. I knew this deep in my heart, but it still devastated me. What am I supposed to do with this information? Just know that my husband is only with me to save his family, while he still harbors feelings for someone else?”

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