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At Cruise Ship Jobs resources review we aim to provide you with expert and informed reviews about the topCruise Ship Jobs sites on the Net. Here is the list and ratings of the best ratedCruise Ship Jobs sites the Web has to offer.


Hereis this month’s list of the TOP “Cruise Ship Jobs”resources and websites


1. Cruise Ship Jobs Resource Site 1 - This is our Best Rated Number one Cruise Ship Jobsresource website! 


   Undisputed No.1 website

This truly astounding website is the most highly recommended site on our list this month. This website is really unique in the amount of quality Cruise Ship Jobs information and resources it provides.


If you really want to know how to get a well paid job on a cruise ship... then you will be making a big mistake if you don't visit this website first and get their amazing guide to getting that cruise ship job. Neil Maxwell-Keys, the creator of this guide has put together the best resource out there to help anyone get a high valued cruise ship job.

Please don't be fooled by it's simple look when you arrive there, it contains the most accurate information on Cruise Ship Jobs we have ever come across anywhere. This Cruise Ship Jobs resource is fully loaded with all the information you will ever need. It's a well detailed resource which totally impressed us during our test.


Neil Maxwell-Keys reveals:


* How to get a cruise ship job even if you have little or no experience in anything! (page 65)

* The quick and easy 10-step action plan for cruise ship job success – start it today and you'll be moving toward your dream job faster than ever! (page 108)

* The absolute best time of the year to apply for a cruise ship job (and when you definitely shouldn’t!) (page 114)

* The number 1 mistake cruise ship job seekers make that ensures their CV NEVER gets read! (page 109)

* The TRUTH about cruise line employment agencies - and how to use them CORRECTLY! (page 107)

* The little-known blockbuster technique that will boost your chances of getting a job on a cruise ship by 247%! (page 110)


* An inside “crew members review” of 25 of the world’s top cruise lines. Knowing what the cruise line company is like before you work for them is VERY important (page 118)

* Two critical “words” that you absolutely must understand before applying for cruise ship jobs. And why not knowing them could spell disaster before you even get started! (page 17)

* An insiders list of which cruise ship jobs you should definitely NOT apply for. Don’t learn this the hard way! (page 70)

* One “secret” to know BEFORE you apply that will almost guarantee you work the MINIMUM hours possible. And get more free time than you’ll know what to do with! (page 58)

* The true-story of the crewmember who had 7 marriage proposals during his first 6-month contract. And it wasn’t because of his looks and no he wasn’t the captain! It was the “special” job he did! (page 79)

* One almost magic way of getting a cruise ship job that NEVER fails! (page 112)

* Complete in-depth review of over 180 cruise ship jobs with accurate descriptions, duties, benefits, requirements and typical salaries.

* Real-life in-depth case study’s written by crewmembers (discover what it’s really like to work on a cruise ship, straight from the horses mouth!)


* DIRECT contacts to the EXACT people who do the hiring. This is for every major and minor cruise line, concessionaire and staffing agent! (The only way to be successful is by contacting the RIGHT people for the right job)

* DIRECT but little-known ‘live’ website links. Simply “point and click” on these links and you’ll be taken directly to the
“employment page” of major cruise lines (these pages are kept deliberately hidden from the general public - so they don't get swamped by applications!)

* DIRECT email addresses of those who hire for cruise ships (and what you should NEVER put in your email!)

* DIRECT postal addresses of the companies you need (and what the BEST days are to post your resume!)

* DIRECT office phone and fax numbers and the CORRECT way to use them (phoning cruise lines directly can seriously damage your chances of success – unless you know this inside strategy!)

* The actual job interview questions that you will be asked! This is real, insider information worth more than the entire
package put together. And it will help you to effortlessly pass any cruise ship job interview (some of our clients BEGGED us not to share this with you!)

* The insider step-by-step secrets to crafting a winning cruise ship job resume (and the tiny adjustment to a resume that
increased its appeal to a cruise line employer by over 300%!)

* How to craft a powerhouse cover letter specifically targeted to the cruise line industry - with a real-life successful
example that you can copy and adapt for yourself!

* Why the resume techniques that most people use are a complete waste of time in the cruise line industry (and how one ‘sneaky' technique you can apply right away will more than triple your chances of getting hired!)

* How to avoid the 12 biggest interview mistakes nearly all cruise job seekers make (and how to pass the interview with ease and confidence!)

* How to identify skills and experience you already have that cruise line employers are looking for (and why mentioning a degree or particular qualifications can actually prevent you from getting hired!)

* Over 30 insider tips that will give you a massive winning-edge over all the other cruise ship job seekers!

* What critical documentation you absolutely must have in place - and how to get it stress free!
How the cruise ship medical examination works - and how to pass it with flying colors!

* A complete check-list you can follow to get organized in the minimum time possible!

* And much more!

This is without doubt the best Cruise Ship Jobs resource anywhere. Just visit the site now and see what we mean. This is our most recommended resource. It continues to receive the most positive votes too from past users. Excellent resource!!!


Visit the Top Cruise Ship Jobs resource on our list this month now, by clicking on this link below:

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2.  Cruise Ship Jobs Resource Site 2 - Our second most highly ratedCruise Ship Jobs resource site.  

   This site is second best!
This Cruise Ship Jobs resource came second in our overall test andratings. The site and its resource(s) received the second highestnumber of votes from past users and our test team. It is has a lot ofgreat Cruise Ship Jobs information andresources. It's a site worth checking out. 

Our advice is that you combine the number one resource on our list this month with this number two... and you will most likely get that cruise ship job. Good resource site.

Click on the link below to visit our second highest rated Cruise Ship Jobs resource site.

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